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call($method, $responder, ... rest) — Method in class asunit.framework.RemotingTestCase
Calls a remote service method and test it
changeHandler(event) — Method in class asunit.framework.TestCaseExample
ClassNotFoundError — Class in package asunit.errors
ClassNotFoundError(message) — Constructor in class asunit.errors.ClassNotFoundError
cleanUp() — Method in class asunit.framework.TestCase
Override this method in Asynchronous test cases or any other time you want to perform additional member cleanup after all test methods have run
completeHandler(event) — Method in class asunit.framework.AsynchronousTestCase
configureListeners(loader) — Method in class asunit.framework.AsynchronousTestCase
configureResponder(token) — Method in class asunit.framework.AsynchronousTestCase
connect($gateway, $encoding) — Method in class asunit.framework.RemotingTestCase
Connects the gateway
connection — Property in class asunit.framework.RemotingTestCase
connectionIOErrorHandler(event) — Method in class asunit.framework.RemotingTestCase
Callback handler for receiving IOErrorEvent
connectionSecurityErrorHandler(event) — Method in class asunit.framework.RemotingTestCase
Callback handler for receiving SecurityErrorEvent
connectionStatusHandler(event) — Method in class asunit.framework.RemotingTestCase
Callback handler for receiving NetStatusEvent
context — Property in class asunit.framework.TestCase
countTestCases() — Method in interface asunit.framework.Test
countTestCases() — Method in class asunit.framework.TestCase
Counts the number of test cases executed by run(TestResult result).
countTestCases() — Method in class asunit.framework.TestSuite
Counts the number of tests that will be run by this Suite.
create(test:asunit.framework:Test, duration) — Static method in class asunit.textui.TestTime
createChildren() — Method in class asunit.textui.AirRunner
createChildren() — Method in class asunit.textui.FlexRunner
createResult() — Method in class asunit.framework.TestCase
Creates a default TestResult object
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