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fail(message) — Static method in class asunit.framework.Assert
Fails a test with the given message.
failedFeature() — Method in class asunit.framework.TestFailure
failedMethod() — Method in class asunit.framework.TestFailure
failedTest() — Method in class asunit.framework.TestFailure
Gets the failed test case.
failureCount() — Method in class asunit.framework.TestResult
Gets the number of detected failures.
FAILURE_EXIT — Constant static property in class asunit.textui.TestRunner
failures() — Method in class asunit.framework.TestResult
Returns an Enumeration for the failures
faultFunc(event) — Method in class asunit.framework.AsynchronousTestCase
fErrors — Property in class asunit.framework.TestResult
fFailedTest — Property in class asunit.framework.TestFailure
fFailedTestMethod — Property in class asunit.framework.TestFailure
fFailures — Property in class asunit.framework.TestResult
FlexRunner — Class in package asunit.textui
The FlexTestRunner should be the base class for your test harness if you're testing a project that uses Flex components.
fListeners — Property in class asunit.framework.TestResult
fName — Property in class asunit.framework.TestCase
fPrinter — Property in class asunit.textui.TestRunner
fRunTests — Property in class asunit.framework.TestResult
fThrownException — Property in class asunit.framework.TestFailure
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