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reload(aClass) — Method in interface asunit.runner.TestSuiteLoader
remoteDuration — Property in class asunit.framework.AsynchronousTestCase
remoteDurationIsValid() — Method in class asunit.framework.AsynchronousTestCase
remoteTimeout — Property in class asunit.framework.AsynchronousTestCase
RemotingTestCase — Class in package asunit.framework
RemotingTestCase(testMethod) — Constructor in class asunit.framework.RemotingTestCase
removeChild(child) — Method in class asunit.framework.TestCase
Helper method for removing added DisplayObjects.
removeListener(listener:asunit.framework:TestListener) — Method in class asunit.framework.TestResult
Unregisters a TestListener
result — Property in class asunit.framework.TestCase
result — Property in class asunit.textui.TestRunner
resultFunc(event) — Method in class asunit.framework.AsynchronousTestCase
ResultPrinter — Class in package asunit.textui
This is the base class for collecting test output and formatting for different displays.
ResultPrinter(showTrace) — Constructor in class asunit.textui.ResultPrinter
results — Property in class asunit.textui.XMLResultPrinter
run() — Method in class asunit.framework.AsynchronousTestCase
run() — Method in class asunit.framework.AsynchronousTestCaseExample
run() — Method in interface asunit.framework.Test
run() — Method in class asunit.framework.TestCase
A convenience method to run this test, collecting the results with either the TestResult provided or a default, new TestResult object.
run(test:asunit.framework:Test) — Method in interface asunit.framework.TestListener
Run the provided Test.
run(test:asunit.framework:Test) — Method in class asunit.framework.TestResult
Runs a TestCase.
run() — Method in class asunit.framework.TestSuite
Runs the tests and collects their result in a TestResult.
run(test:asunit.framework:Test) — Method in class asunit.textui.ResultPrinter
API for use by textui.TestRunner
runBare() — Method in interface asunit.framework.Test
runBare() — Method in class asunit.framework.TestCase
Runs the bare test sequence.
runCount() — Method in class asunit.framework.TestResult
Gets the number of run tests.
RUN_METHOD — Constant static property in class asunit.framework.TestCase
runner — Property in class asunit.textui.AirRunner
runner — Property in class asunit.textui.FlexRunner
runTearDown() — Method in class asunit.framework.TestCase
runTests() — Method in class asunit.framework.AsynchronousTestCase
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