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tearDown() — Method in class asunit.framework.AsynchronousTestCaseExample
tearDown() — Method in class asunit.framework.TestCase
Tears down the fixture, for example, delete mock object.
tearDown() — Method in class asunit.framework.TestCaseExample
TEAR_DOWN — Constant static property in class asunit.framework.TestCase
test — Property in class asunit.framework.TestMethod
Test — Interface in package asunit.framework
testAsyncFeature() — Method in class asunit.framework.TestCaseExample
testBookCount() — Method in class asunit.framework.AsynchronousTestCaseExample
TestCase — Class in package asunit.framework
A test case defines the fixture to run multiple tests.
TestCase(testMethod) — Constructor in class asunit.framework.TestCase
Constructs a test case with the given name.
TestCaseExample — Class in package asunit.framework
TestCaseExample(testMethod) — Constructor in class asunit.framework.TestCaseExample
testCount() — Method in class asunit.framework.TestSuite
Returns the number of tests in this suite
TestFailure — Class in package asunit.framework
A TestFailure collects a failed test together with the caught exception.
TestFailure(failedTest:asunit.framework:Test, thrownException) — Constructor in class asunit.framework.TestFailure
Constructs a TestFailure with the given test and exception.
testInstantiated() — Method in class asunit.framework.TestCaseExample
TestListener — Interface in package asunit.framework
TestMethod — Class in package asunit.framework
A TestFailure collects a failed test together with the caught exception.
TestMethod(test:asunit.framework:Test, method) — Constructor in class asunit.framework.TestMethod
Constructs a TestMethod with a given Test and method name.
testMethods — Property in class asunit.framework.TestCase
testMonthGetterSetter() — Method in class asunit.framework.TestCaseExample
testOReillyBookCount() — Method in class asunit.framework.AsynchronousTestCaseExample
testRemoteDuration() — Method in class asunit.framework.AsynchronousTestCase
TestResult — Class in package asunit.framework
A TestResult collects the results of executing a test case.
TestResult() — Constructor in class asunit.framework.TestResult
TestRunner — Class in package asunit.textui
The base class for ActionScript 3.0 test harness.
TestRunner() — Constructor in class asunit.textui.TestRunner
TestSuite — Class in package asunit.framework
A TestSuite is a Composite of Tests.
TestSuite() — Constructor in class asunit.framework.TestSuite
TestSuiteLoader — Interface in package asunit.runner
TestTime — Class in package asunit.textui
TestTime(test:asunit.framework:Test, duration, lock) — Constructor in class asunit.textui.TestTime
testTimes — Property in class asunit.textui.ResultPrinter
testUnauthorizedAccess() — Method in class asunit.framework.AsynchronousTestCase
thrownException() — Method in class asunit.framework.TestFailure
Gets the thrown exception.
Top Level — Package
toString() — Method in interface asunit.framework.Test
toString() — Method in class asunit.framework.TestCase
Returns a string representation of the test case
toString() — Method in class asunit.framework.TestFailure
Returns a short description of the failure.
toString() — Method in class asunit.framework.TestSuite
toString() — Method in class asunit.textui.TestTime
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